Black And White Line Follower DIY Kit



  • Uses 2 IR sensor, no micro-controller or no coding/programming
  • Best for personal/learning/school/science fair/college project, also suitable for organising a workshop
  • Ready to Run kit, Complete kit with instructions manual and connection diagram and project report
  • Detects and follows black line on white floor.


For line detection logic, we used two IR Sensors, which consists of IR LED and Photodiode. They are placed in a reflective way i.e. side – by – side so that whenever they come in to proximity of a reflective surface, the light emitted by IR LED will be detected by Photo diode.In case of black surface, which has a low reflectance, the light gets completely absorbed by the black surface and doesn’t reach the photodiode.

  • Complete DIY Kit with Detailed Assembly instructions and Manual.
  • Kit Components:

> 2x Digital IR Sensor Module

> 1x Makxenia’s Atmega8 Board

> 1x  USB to relimate Cable

> 1x Metal Chassis

> 2x BO Motors 60 RPM

> 2x BO Wheel

> 1x Castor Wheel

> 8x 1 PIN Female Cable

> 1x 9v battery

> 1x 9v Battery Strap

> 1x Screw Driver

> 1x Nut Bolt Packet

> 1x Spacer Packet


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